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Bee Removal New Haven

Bee infestations are not a problem if they occur far from residential areas. Otherwise, they can be very challenging to handle and they will require a lot of knowledge, expertise, and equipment to eliminate effectively. If your property is suffering from a bee infestation, it is advised that you hire a bee exterminator for a bee removal service.

The Best Way to Handle a Bee Infestation

Handling the situation on your own poses a lot of health risks. Although live bee removal methods can be effective in driving out bees, they are also very dangerous. The only sensible move that you can undertake is by allowing a bee exterminator from Father & Son Pest Control to handle the task. A removal specialist can provide you with a thorough bee inspection before administering any removal procedures. A specialist will do this to assess whether it is safe for the residents living the area where the infestation is to be present during the removal process.

Bee Removal

There are specific species of bees that can be extremely dangerous especially with a slight provocation. Africanized bees are among them and they are also quite intelligent. They are very territorial and this instinct that they possess can be quite extensive, too, covering approximately 1 km from their hive. The European honey bee, another variety, is relatively benign. However, it is similar in appearance as to the Africanized bee. This makes it difficult for anyone aside from a specialist to determine whether the ones in their home are dangerous or not. For this sole reason, a bee inspection is needed and only Father & Son Pest Control’s professionals are the ones qualified to do the task.

The Experts When it Comes to Bee Removal

Father & Son Pest Control has been the one that homeowners trust when it comes to bee infestations. They have an interesting method of dealing with dangerous bees such as Africanized bees. They will quarantine the hive first. After which, they will ensure that the queen bee is isolated from all the drones to stop it from mating. They will then introduce a European honey queen bee into the Africanized bee colony. This is to develop much gentler species of bees and to arrest the spread of the killer bees.

Bee Removal

The good thing about Father & Son Pest Control is that they have the necessary equipment for finding bee infestations such as laser thermometers and miniature cameras. As soon as they have found the source of the infestation, they will remove the bees in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. They will also ensure that a re-occurrence will not happen in the near future. They do this by cleaning the entire area thoroughly with the use of water, detergent, and a special solution that helps in removing all traces of pheromones that the bees have released.

Reliable Solutions to Bee Infestations

Hiring Father & Son Pest Control and their specialists may cost a few bucks more, but their services are guaranteed to be effective and quick in removing your worries and woes away. With their professional help, you can now sleep well at night knowing that your entire family is safe from bees, allergic reactions, and harmful diseases. Call them today for more information about their exceptional bee removal methods.

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